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You would like to make a change and are interested in coaching?

Great that you are here. On my website you can gain insight into the opportunities and goals of systemic coaching and can also get to know more about me and my approach. The best thing to do is to simply take a look around and make an appointment for a one-on-one discussion. Let’s find out together where I can support you.

Moritz Gerke

Mowgli must find his own way through the jungle. But he needs a good mentor like Baloo.

Life means change. It’s good when you make pioneering decisions in a self-determined way.

The indeterminate desire to change something, dissatisfaction despite a successful career and a top position, private challenge or simply the consideration of once again taking a different direction – there are many good reasons to choose coaching and especially if you have already achieved a lot. At the top it often is both lonely and uncomfortable.

According to a survey carried out by Egon-Zehnder in 2018, the pressure on CEOs has rarely been higher than today and the human aspects are one of the greatest challenges.1

The personal development of leadership personalities is often neglected. And the increasing loneliness at the “top” is often neither seen by their environment nor effectively supported.

As I am convinced that life is about change, that there is no right nor wrong life plan and that courageous decisions are often the best, in me you can find an unbiased sparring partner who will support you in finding clarity and develop reliable strategies for handling your personal challenges.

My experience as CEO, member of the boards and investor will help me to place myself in your shoes. My curiosity and keen ear also make me a highly interested listener and through my many years of training as a systemic coach I have the necessary tools for competent advice and support.

Make the most of my expertise and empathy to make your own strategic decisions for greater happiness and satisfaction.

1 Source: The CEO: A Personal Reflection

Experience makes you good. But through courageous choices you will be happier.

Every human being is the sum of his experiences. In my 66 years of life, childhood and family, being a partner and a father, having good friends and experiences in working life have shaped me fundamentally. In a career spanning 35 years I have been active as member of boards of director, CEO and investor and have accompanied both the development and restructuring of companies.

Looking back, above all it was courageous decisions that changed me personally and helped me on my future path: university studies that, on the surface, did not reflect my strengths. Success-critical decisions as a manager. The important step of founding my own enterprise, contrary to parental guidance. Finally, the decision to become a coach – to care more about people than about business and profit margins.

Up to now and beyond: my leadership experience, life experience and the knowledge of pioneering decision-making phases feed into my work as a certified systemic coach and organisational consultant. In other words, with me you gain the very best qualifications for receiving targeted support as an executive in challenging situations – both professionally and privately.


Moritz Gerke, the facts:

  • Certified systemic coach and organisational consultant
  • Certified in evaluation methods
  • More than 35 years of professional experience, 30 years of which in
    top management positions at companies such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Nickel AG, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Hewlett Packard and others
  • International activities including for example in the US, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan
  • Languages: German, English
  • Electrical Engineer, RWTH Aachen University
  • Married, father of two adult sons


Es hat mir sehr gut getan, mit einem Außenstehenden über den Druck zu sprechen, den ich häufig bei meiner Arbeit als Geschäftsführerin empfinde. Mit den vielen Herausforderungen, denen ich täglich ausgesetzt bin, kann ich jetzt viel besser umgehen.

Hermann Freud

Hermann Freud


Im überladenen Alltag der ständig wechselnden Anforderungen tut es sehr gut, eine außenstehende ordnende Instanz zu haben, die mögliche Wege aufzeigt. So kann ich meine Kraft sinnvoller, zielgerichteter und somit wesentlich effektiver einsetzen.

Dagmar Reuter

Dagmar Reuter

Chief of Gschaftlhuber

You don’t have to know where the journey will take you – the decisive factor is the willingness to buy the ticket.

Coaching is a personal development journey towards greater happiness and satisfaction. In the beginning there usually is the desire for change and perhaps a concrete goal, but the way there is by no means clearly defined. That is why it is important to initially gain clarity about your own status quo and building upon that, to then explore development opportunities, wishes and targets.

From status quo to status go.

As your coach I envisage my tasks as motivating you, mirroring you and accompanying you on your expedition towards professional or personal goals. In fact, I like to compare my role with that of Baloo the bear in the Jungle Book: I am familiar with the jungle of life and I also know which wild animals may be lurking there. The result: Mowgli decides for himself which path he likes to take.

Coaching needs commitment.

Coaching requires the willingness to change, a healthy dose of trust and good cooperation. To find out what you might expect from coaching with me, I offer two non-binding sessions in which we identify relevant coaching topics for you and determine whether we can, indeed whether we wish to travel together.

If my approach wins you over, we will then arrange a coaching programme over several months, during which sessions take place in person, or alternatively via Skype or telephone. During this period it’s crucial to carry out the sessions regularly, to work on yourself, to for example try out methods discussed in the sessions and to reflect on your own behaviour during your everyday (working) life.

Everything discussed during our sessions will of course remain between us. This is also true when for example, the coaching is paid for by your employer. The reason for this is that for me, absolute confidentiality is the basis of our cooperation. Let’s talk about what’s important for you.


Let’s talk about what moves you. Simply get in touch with me.

You would like to find out more about the possibilities and coaching methods? I would be happy to meet with you and discuss what moves you and where your desire for change lies. This first “discovery session” is free of charge for you, but by no means free of benefit. In the following “alignment session” we elucidate the precise goal and agree on the methods of cooperation. Only then do you decide whether to continue or not.

Just give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

Moritz Gerke
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